Magic Apple Stem Cell Serum for Skin Care

Apple stem cells exist in a kind of uttwilerspatlauber apple in the Swiss Alps. Apple stem cells have strong permeability and preservation ability, which can nourish and stimulate the differentiation of human cells and play an anti-aging role through the continuous increase of new cells.It is widely used in clinical medicine and cosmetic medicine.They are also used in cosmetics.

Apple stem cells are recognized as the world's only safe and effective external use of pure plant stem cell therapy, which can activate cell regeneration.

So we developed the Anti Aging Skin Repairing Apple Stem Cell Serum:

Apple stem cells serum private label used on the skin can be timely care and conditioning, is to prevent or improve the skin deterioration.

Apple stem cell advantage and Anti-aging principle:

(1) repair damaged cells: in the process of human life activities, polluted air and the intake of unhealthy food (pigment, preservative) lead to the imbalance between the internal and external environment of the human body, accumulate a large number of free radicals to erode cell membranes, damage cells, and cause inflammatory reactions, leading to the decline of organ functions. Apple stem cells in the face serum enter the body and detect the damaged cells. They are injected with nutritive factors (targeted proteins) to repair the damaged cells.

(2) activation of dormant cells: apple stem cells enter the human body to activate the dormant epidermal stem cells by driving them to move. Between 90% and 95% of human epidermal stem cells are dormant, and one epidermal stem cell can divide into 4 million living cells.

(3) promote cell regeneration: stem cells are in a static state under physiological conditions, and only after receiving mobilization signals can they start their self-renewal and differentiation mechanism to renew aging dead cells and repair damaged tissues. Apple stem cells are the best mobilization signal for the body's cells.

apple stem cell serum private label

We manufacturer the face care anti aging apple stem cell serum according to different customers' need for private label.

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