Skin care private label factory new equipment

Skin care private label factory added new equipment with bigger size for large order

Automatic machines provides the best quality skin care products private label

All private label skin care products order welcomed

The discharging mode of the vacuum emulsifier can be the tilting pot body or the main pot bottom valve.The heating and cooling of the vacuum emulsifier is realized by heating the water or oil in the interlayer of the pot body. The temperature is displayed on the control panel by the temperature sensor for easy inspection, and the operation is very simple and convenient.The stirring time or speed can be set by yourself. The pot body is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the inner surface is polished. This automatic design helps our factory make high quality skin care products for private label.

The vacuum emulsifying unit is mainly composed of water-phase mixing pot, oil-phase mixing dissolving pot and emulsifying main pot. It can be set according to customer's demand whether water or oil pot, platform, lifting, control mode and material, etc. This time we added 100L, 350L, 850L, 1000L, can meet the skin care products private label production needs of different customers.

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