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Facial Modeling Mask Powder is mainly used in beauty salon, it is made of soft membrane powder binders (film) of filling material and coating powder: membrane material is the key to the facial skin care modeling mask powder. 

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Filling material is generally composed of talcum powder, corn starch, diatomite, etc, main effect is filled, but a variety of raw materials all have their own different filling effect: membrane powder into membrane after talcum powder can get better appearance, corn starch film powder can get better skin feeling, diatomite can make the facail mask powder has good dispersion, and its super adsorption film powder can get more excellent cleaning effect.

The biggest role of modeling mask powder is cleaning, this feature is the general products can not be compared, and it is an important reason make the modeling mask powder popular in beauty salon.

Facial skin care modeling mask powder is one of the necessary beauty salon products;Some products can also get different efficacy by adding different raw materials, such as whitening, freckle removing, moisturizing, acne removing, anti-wrinkle and so on.

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There are many private label skin care products in the market. For example, there are some products with natural ingredients, such as plant series of modeling mask powder, fruit and vegetable series of modeling mask powder, floral series of modeling mask powder; There are also facial mask powders added with special raw materials. They are more effective and more targeted: for example, skin care mask powders added with bamboo charcoal, facial mask powders added with mineral mud, and face mask powders added with various traditional Chinese medicines. We can manfacture all these facial masks according to customer need.

In the process of using modeling mask powder, compared with other powder, it is very simple to use and easy to operate: use water to mix, and then apply on the skin, after about 15 minutes, the mask can be lifted easily with a refreshed skin.

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